I'm Gabi, homeschooling momma and music educator.

Music has been a constant companion to me–both in seasons of happiness and despair.  It has stayed with me, grown with me, changed me, encouraged me and has been my friend.

As a homeschooling momma, I know the amazing meanderings and explorations that we can take in our children’s learning. We are limitless in what we can pursue!  I’ve had the great privilege of taking many students on those explorations through music education.  My music heart has been so thankful for the opportunities to speak at various venues in favor of music and the many benefits that its study can provide our children.

Fueled by green tea, loose linen dresses, faith and the love of my family, my aim is to advocate for music education both here in the community as well as in my private music studio.  I believe every child should have access to music education.

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my story

How I went from elementary principal to homeschooling momma.

I loved my job as a school administrator.  It was difficult, challenging and at times, frustrating.  It had however, small moments of loveliness.  There were moments scattered throughout that made my job so worth it.  Moments when I had the opportunity to engage with students and their families through struggle and reward.  

When my first son was born, I never thought I could possibly love more than I did.  He was beautiful.  I knew nothing about homeschooling, nor what the years had ahead of us, but I did know that I couldn’t part from him.  Nor did I want him to part from me.   When school years came along, all of our friends began to lament that they would be parted from their children–it was time to send them to school.  We decided in that moment that instead, we would begin our homeschooling journey.  It has been such a joy!  

I CAN HELP YOUR Family grow a musician

By Growing a Love of Music...

Private music education has not changed considerably since I was a child.  My own piano teacher, with whom I still continue to take lessons is still teaching the exact same way that I was taught so many years ago.  I began teaching privately before I graduated university and taught with the same approach and method in which I had been instructed.

As a classically-trained pianist, I had been built to compete–festivals, guilds, exams, competitions–there was always an event to work towards and overcome. While I loved the piano, I began to resent the intensity that my training had produced.  I wanted to play repertoire for my own enjoyment that did not have to be worked in order to qualify for a particular competitive event.

Teaching my students with the same approach was yielding similar results.  Most of my students were not aiming to major in piano performance at the collegiate level–they simply wanted to enjoy music and play it for others.  I began to explore other genres and approaches to music instruction–many of which were foreign to me.  I would introduce these approaches to my students and the response was overwhelming.  My students began to thrive!

What I began to build and still continue to do to this day is simple–my aim is to grow a love of music through creative and holistic instruction.  It is an aim that is not centered on competition-driven agility, but one that encompasses the entire student with what music truly is–a powerful agent that every child should possess.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that you’ve joined me on this journey!  

Music truly is a powerful agent that every child should possess.

“Without music, life would be a blank to me.”

Jane Austin

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