Are you ready to give the gift that lasts a lifetime?

We all want what is best for our children.

The science is there: music education provides numerous advantages and lifetime benefits. Why not give your child this amazing gift, right from the convenience of your home?

Join other families that are giving their children the gift of music today!

Learning to play an instrument is a journey...

Perhaps you learned an instrument during childhood, but just didn’t have an encouraging experience?  Perhaps you had a great music teacher as a child but now want to pass on the value of music education to your children?  What if you don’t know where to begin?  What if you don’t have a music teacher nearby or don’t have the resources or time to go to in-person lessons?  So many what if’s…


  • Could have your child playing by the end of the first lesson?
  • Could provide the entire family with music for the cost of LESS than 1 lesson?
  • Would be easy and convenient--no travel or schedules to coordinate?
  • Would foster and promote community amongst musicians?

Would you be ready?  Sound impossible?  Keep reading!

The Membership Includes:

You’ll be joining a community of like-minded music families that want to change the face of music education by providing access to every child.  The benefits of music lessons are numerous–imagine a world where we all played an instrument!  It will now be easier than ever before!


  • What the science and research tells us about music education
  • How to select the proper instrument for your child
  • A Homeschool Musicianship Map to music lessons
  • How to have your child playing music by the end of the first lesson
  • What leading music educators around the world have to say on best practices in music
  • Strategies to help retain your child's interest during home practice
  • Music theory in a fun and comprehensive way
  • How to help your child with improvisation and composition
  • and much more!

How it Works

Guided instruction for beginning and new piano students starts right here. You’ll have access to a library of content that will enable your children to begin their music journey and grow a love of music through creative and holistic instruction.

Your entire family will benefit!
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Watch your child’s piano progress begin to soar with guided instruction and valuable content.

This is for You if:

You understand the value and importance of music education and know that you will be providing your children with one of the greatest gifts you could ever give them…

What you get…

– The latest research on the value of music education
– Interviews with leading music experts from around the globe
– Guided instruction as if your child were in a private studio
– Discounts to music resources
– Digital downloads that supplement music instruction
– Continuous, new additional content

Oh, and let’s not forget the bonuses…

Bonus #1: Member forum and a homeschool community
Bonus #2: Webinars and coaching calls

no financial commitment required

Are you ready?

So what are you waiting for? 

You understand and value the importance of music education and you want your children to gain the amazing brain benefits that music provides.  No financial commitment–sign up for the wait list now!

no financial commitment required


A Learning System that Works

When I was three I started to play the violin. Learning a musical instrument taught me patience, persistence, how to find a learning style that works and how to break a complex problem into achievable parts. I have used this foundation throughout my life. It has given me the tools I used to obtain a PhD and enables me to be a successful engineer.
Dr. Kerry McGuire
Violinist and Space Systems Engineer

This sounds amazing, but what about the cost?

We understand that time and financial resources are always a consideration for homeschooling families. By signing up today, you will ensure that you receive the lowest membership price offered. You’ll be on the list to be notified of the membership launch and as a founding member, your member price will never change for the lifetime of your membership.